The #NetherlandsIn100Seconds

The Netherlands in 100 Seconds is a short film that explores what the country looks like from the air in its correct proportions. For many people the film is beautiful, controversial, surprising and challenging all at the same time.

I used Corine Land Cover data to accurately reflect how much of the Netherlands are covered by urban areas, forests, pastures and other kinds of land.

Working in collaboration with the Province of North Brabant in the south of the Netherlands, the project follows the success of The UK in 100 Seconds which came out last year.

Jack Smith was the drone operator and Director of Photography for the film, with Jeroen Mulder helping us to secure locations and translate between English and Dutch. Lucas De Man voiced the Dutch version of the film.

As well as a film for the whole of the Netherlands, we also worked with the data, locations and footage to create a film for the Province of North Brabant.

And here it is in Dutch too…



  • Delightful and inspiring films. As a geographer who qualified a long time ago, the mental “helicopter view” of the landscape has been geography’s greatest gift. The aerial views and the speed are exhilarating and your message is very clear. Thank you

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