Big Walk Around London

This Summer I went on a big 563km walk around London to help catalyse and spread the National Park City campaign. The walk was an opportunity to meet politicians, activists and residents as well as visit inspiring places and projects across the capital. The walk itself was a physical demonstration of how London is landscape as well as a city.

“Through his impressive 500km walk and his public campaigning, Daniel has done a fantastic job of raising awareness of the importance of green spaces and wildlife in the capital. London’s much-loved parks and green spaces boost our quality of life, which is why we want to make them even better and more accessible for Londoners. The Mayor is firmly committed to making London a National Park City and will launch his wider plans this summer. To meet the target of making 50 per cent of the city green, we’ll need action from people across London, like Daniel, and I look forward to joining him on his final walks.” The Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy Shirley Rodrigues

The walk in numbers:

  • 100+ people joined the walk
  • 11 crossings of the Thames
  • 23 rivers and canals crossed
  • 32 boroughs passed through
  • 43 starts and finishes at tube and rail stations
  • 160 hours walking
  • 242 parks
  • 300 videos and photos Tweeted
  • 563 kilometres walked
  • 787,835 steps
  • 1 baby, 2 dogs and 3 mayors joined the walk to help make London the first National Park City


The walk was covered in local, regional and national media including ITV London news, the Evening Standard and the Financial Times.

Read more about my walk and see all of the 300+ photos and videos here.