Ellen Miles

Nature is a Human Right

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“Nature is not an inconvenience or an other; it is not a luxury or frivolity – nature is a human right.”

I was delighted when campaigner Ellen Miles asked me to contribute a chapter to Nature is a Human Right, her new anthology. I love the sentence above by Ellen which sums the book up.

My chapter asks… What if your city was a national park?

The book is a manifesto for a healthier, happier, more equal future and features original writing from world-leading scientists, activists, artists and more – digging into why green spaces are so vital to our welfare, the injustices that prevent many people from accessing them, and how we can create a nature-abundant future for all.

Each captivating piece in the collection explores why nature-contact should be recognised as a human right through its own unique lens – including mental health, creativity, anti-racism and climate action – in an international, intergenerational call for change.

Ellen is an environmental justice activist from London and founder of Nature is a Human Right, the campaign to make access to green space a right for all. She’s also the founder of Dream Green, a social enterprise that educates and equips people to become guerrilla gardeners. In her spare time, she is a guerrilla gardener, and runs a local action group in Hackney.

Available to read or to listen to as an audio book, Nature is a Human Right is available now.