Route 125

To celebrate National Geographic’s 125th anniversary and show off the new Toyota RAV4, I took my son on 125 adventures across the UK. The microadventures were accompanied by stories, photography and videos on a special microsite.

Here’s the full list of adventures:

  1. Ascend Snowdon
  2. Bag ruined castles
  3. Bodyboarding offshore waves
  4. Boulder jumping in the Peak District
  5. Build a woodland den
  6. Canoe a loop
  7. Cave under Wales
  8. Circumnavigate the centre of Titanic’s dry dock
  9. Climb a coastal cliff
  10. Climb Ben Nevis
  11. Climb Slieve Donard
  12. Collect 60 shades of green
  13. Collect leaf rubbings
  14. Crawl through an abandoned mine
  15. Crawl through the Cotswolds
  16. Create a long-bow
  17. Dance at a festival
  18. Descend into a Neolithic flint mine
  19. Dig for fossils
  20. Discover a shipwreck
  21. Discover Merlin’s Cave
  22. Downhill mountain board
  23. Draw puffins
  24. Drive the Pilgrim’s Way
  25. Expeditionary football
  26. Explore Adventures Fen
  27. Explore extremes
  28. Explore outer-space
  29. Explore remote places for wildlife
  30. Extreme snooker
  31. Find Britain’s 6 reptiles
  32. Find the Loch Ness Monster
  33. Fly a kite in one of the windiest places in Britain
  34. Follow a ghost train
  35. Forage for seafood
  36. Free run through the city
  37. Free a lobster
  38. Glide through the air
  39. Glide through the Tomb of Eagles
  40. Go on a wild-goose hunt
  41. Harvest honey
  42. Hide from Badgers
  43. Hideout in the woods
  44. Horse ride in the hills
  45. Hovercraft over land and water
  46. Hunt for weeping angels
  47. Husky Trek through the moors
  48. Image a British castle timeline
  49. Investigate insects
  50. Jump off giant steps
  51. Kayak through the Capital
  52. Launch from a runway
  53. Longboard down an abandoned railway
  54. Make a micro-museum
  55. Make land art
  56. Make our own bread
  57. Map animal sightings
  58. Meet Scotland’s Big 5
  59. Metal detect for treasure
  60. Mountain bike through Cannock Chase
  61. Mushroom forage
  62. Navigate to geocaches
  63. Observe mammals in the Malverns
  64. Off-road scooter
  65. Paint a landscape (with mud)
  66. Pan for Gold
  67. Patrol Hadrian’s Wall
  68. Photograph British Birds of Prey
  69. Pick Your Own adventure
  70. Potter in the wild
  71. Punt the Cam
  72. Quad bike trek
  73. Race a pigeon home
  74. Raft down white waters
  75. Rebuild a castle
  76. Ride tandem across a forest
  77. Ride the River Wye
  78. Roll down ancient hills
  79. Run across an entire city
  80. Run through mountains
  81. Sail across a flooded village
  82. Sail the (not so high) seas
  83. Scale Scafell Pike
  84. Scoot across Newcastle
  85. Scramble up scree
  86. Scuba dive into a hidden place
  87. Sea kayak with wildlife
  88. Search for flotsam and jetsom
  89. Search for Medieval graffiti
  90. Segway through forest
  91. Skip stones on the sea
  92. Slackline through the woods
  93. Sleep on a beach
  94. Smell the city
  95. Snorkel through wild waters
  96. Spey cast for Salmon
  97. Spot seal pups
  98. Squeeze through pot holes
  99. Stand behind a waterfall without getting wet
  100. Stand Up Paddle Board through a gorge
  101. Surf along the coast
  102. Swing across a river
  103. Swing through the trees
  104. Take a scary walk
  105. Taste ice creams
  106. Top a volcano
  107. Travel through Shakespeare’s time.
  108. Tree climb in the rainforest
  109. Trek a garden trail
  110. Trek to Britain’s highest waterfall
  111. Uncover hidden dragons
  112. Visit the 4 corners of Britain
  113. Wakeboard across a Loch
  114. Walk across quicksand
  115. Walk in the trees
  116. Walk Wark in the Dark
  117. Walk with predators
  118. Whale spot at sea
  119. White water tube downstream
  120. Wild camp in nature
  121. Wild swim in a waterfall
  122. Winter gorge walk
  123. X-treme pogo stick downhill
  124. Yacht through the sea
  125. Zip across an abandoned quarry