Introducing the Slow Ways Snail…

We had an incredible response to our competition to find a symbol for the Slow Ways. Over 400 different designs were suggested.

Thank you to everyone that entered.

A team of nine judges went through all of the designs to create a long list of nearly 100 different ideas. They then went through and scored each of the designs in order to create a short list of 16 designs.

The judges were looking for designs that were clear, bold, timeless, replicable, distinctive, memorable, that they just liked for some reason and responded to the brief for the design to be a snail or snail inspired.

The scoring was used to inform a deep and long conversation about the different designs. We were especially challenged on decisions on the degree of abstractness and replicability of the artwork. The judges changed their minds many times and found it especially hard to pick between the top five designs.

In our minds at all times was the range of kinds of places that the symbol might be used now and in the future. We reflected on the simplicity, adaptability and clarity of both the National Trail’s acorn and also Scotland’s Great Trail’s thistle. This included the design being able to work as a small and clear symbol or icon on maps.

We are delighted to share that the winning design is this snail by Jessica Grainger.

We love the simplicity, character and motion of Jess’s design. In the future we can imagine following the Slow Ways Snail on our journeys between places. It’s adaptable, purposeful and clearly going places. While we’ll usually use just one of the designs, we’ve got a flexible symbol we can play with.

Jess is from Kingswinford in the West Midlands and works at RAF Cosford as a graphic designer.

“I am so happy to have won this competition, I love being creative and enjoy the journey I go through working on design briefs. For me my design was all about direction as the snail itself represented ‘Slow’ of ‘The Slow ways’ and ‘ways’ translated to direction. My design reflects a characterful snail full of determination and forward movement along his route to his destination.”

One of Jess’s happy places is going for a walk and listening to the birds and trees. Jess wins £250. Congratulations Jess and thank you.

Slow Way by Carl Godfrey is the competition’s runner-up design.

We highly rated this bold and clear design by Carl too. Carl has won £100 for his design.

There were 14 other design’s we shortlisted. In no specific order, here they are.

The Slow Circle by HERE DESIGN
Follow the Snail by Helen Ilus
“Go with the Slow!” by Vanessa Moore
The Shell Pin by Jake Bushell
Map the Snail by Kirsty Grafton and Diana Ross
The Slow Circle by Charles Fowler
The Slow Ways Snail Marker by Sam Witt
Compass Snail by Jessica Grainger
By Carl Godfrey
Bring Back British Snail by Michael Linsey
Live To Tell the Snail by Michael Linsey
Go Slow by Giles Davis
Snailer by Michal Grazewicz
Simple Compass Shell by Katy Walters

There were many more designs that we liked or loved, but they did not score enough to make it into the final short list. In no particular order, here are just a few of those designs.

Trail Snail by Larkin Farmer
The Grove snail by Natasha Sharma
Barnz by Barney Davies
Crazy Shirley by Kimberley Bevan
Jeff by Arley Walker
Go the Slow Way by Tim Black
Green Snail by Lola Newton
Slow Ways Spiral by Charley Glynn
By Owen Delaney
SWRK by John Hay
“The Snail’s Network: The Slow Ways Connected” by Sebastian Roberts
Shelly by Olive Lidington
Shelly’s Strail by Kaitee Reed
“Slow Ways at a snails pace” by Jacqueline Rennison
“One Foot On The Trail” by Matt Ilsley
“Snail footprint” Daisy Nott
The Way to See by Paul Farrell
Triple Snail by Zoe Anspach and Max Hitchings
The Slow-Going Snail by Nick Clifton
“Slow Ways footpath snail trail” by Alison Jackson-Bass
Neil by Caitlin Turnbull
H’s Snail by Henry Church
Simple Line Shell by Liz Rumble
Snail by Adrian Mackie
SWOS by Chrissie Coyle
The Way of the Three Snails by Jessica Ward
Snailpass by Paul Naylor
Slow walk stencil snail by Felix Farrar
Timeless Wanderer by Tad Piesakowski
Trail Snail by Alex Stephens
Follow the Snail by Konstanze Winter
N.S.E.W Snail by Michael Bailey
Snail Landscape by Charlotte Webster
Slowly Slowly by Molly O’Donoghue
By Oak Class at Drayton Park Primary School in London

Thank you to each and every one of our entrants. It has been a pleasure looking through all your designs!